KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The face is higher near the hosel to expand the effective hitting area.



PLAYABILITY: One of the top clubs in the category; as easy as anything to hit straight, or even work a bit; great on partial shots and simple knockdowns; highly functional from rough and other trouble lies.

ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Shots repeat regardless of how you hit them; not much directional or distance loss on slight misses; no twisting at any point in the swing.

DISTANCE CONTROL: A real crowd-pleaser; impressive consistency makes it a cinch to hit greens — total distance is on par with testers’ own clubs, but these things can do it every single time.

FEEL: A clear favorite — you can really sense the ball compressing at impact, and it feels powerful; there’s plenty of feedback through the ball.
LOOK: One of the best in its class; a very attractive, well-proportioned club — it looks more like a standard Game Improvement iron than a Max Game Improvement model.