Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Putter Modell 8.0 CB mit oversize Griff

Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Putter Modell 8.0 CB mit oversize Griff

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The new TFI 2135 Satin putters bring revolutionary feel, performance, and alignment technologies so you can setup and stroke putts more consistently


New TFi 2135 Satin Putters from Cleveland Golf Provide Total Speed Control and Perfect Alignment


Product Introduction:

TFi® 2135 Satin putter models. Featuring a new tour satin color scheme, high-contrast alignment lines and a customized milling pattern on each of the five head shapes


Features & Benefits


The 2135 Alignment Technology used on each TFi 2135 Satin putter provides perfect alignment on every putt. With sightlines raised 21.35 millimeters off the ground—the exact radius of a golf ball—the technology delivers accurate alignment feedback regardless of address position. The new putters improve upon previous generations of 2135 Alignment Technology with 50 percent higher contrast sightlines that make precise alignment even easier.


The putters’ multi-material head construction uses True Feel Innovation®: a Polymer TPU face insert that dampens vibrations and enhances feel. Paired with face milling that’s three times deeper than previous models, the new TFi 2135 Satin putters strike the ball with exceptionally soft feel.


Key Innovations Inside TFi 2135 Satin Putters:

High Contrast 2135 Alignment Technology raises the sightline to the exact center of the golf ball, providing accurate alignment regardless of eye position at address.

True Feel Innovation uses multi-material construction to produce extremely soft feel.

Speed Optimized Milling provides perfect distance control by adding speed on off-center hits.


Optimized Face Milling


The new 2135 Satin Putters feature a model-specific optimized face milling for more forgiveness on mishits. Putts will have more consistent speed even when struck toward the heel or toe. This results in more holed putts and fewer putts missed short.

Soft Polymer TPU Insert


The new 2135 Satin Putters feature a Polymer TPU Insert to dampen vibrations and enhance feel. The polymer face insert and deeper face milling pattern create one of the softest feeling putters on the market.

High Contrast 2135 Raised Sightline


With 2135 Alignment Technology, the raised sightline allows golfers to achieve optimal alignment on every putt, regardless of where their eyes are at address. These putters also feature a higher contrasting white sightline over a black backdrop for better focus and easier alignment every time.





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